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    Registration Fixed

    For some reason one i the auto role plugins that has nothing to do with registration decided it wasn't going to let new members sign up but now its gone! So you can sign up now and comment if you have any further problems.
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    Staff Dukky becoming an admin

    Fine if you guys want too... I will be checking logs for abuse
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    Simple Email Fix

    We changed the default email from zoidernan@gmail.com to noreply@thegameforum.com
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    Staff AFF Official Language

    Mmmmmm. Yes
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    Staff New Features!

    Here are some of the new features! -Custom Title Colors For All Users! -Scheduled Posting! -Better Reporting System!
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    Staff AFF Official Language

    Use this if your talking about something you don't want people to understand!
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    Staff Usergroup Name Colors

    Hmm? Currently I only know of only one way. By doing it thru usergroups on the admin page. I will make custom user groups for users who ask and give them a special color. And maybe a effect if I can do it.
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    Staff Usergroup Name Colors

    I recently added some name colors to certain staff groups Etc. Moderator, Overlord. I may do request to some members if asked
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    Staff Fixed Force 2 Factor Authentication

    Members were telling me that they didnt want to do the 2 factor authentication and i recently up to now didn't know how to make that happen but i have fixed it if your account has 2FA you can disable it if you want but i recommend on keeping it on just in case on online attacks and account...
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    Added Username Colors For Staff

    Added Username Colors For Staff
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    Ethan better donate

    Ethan better donate
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    Fallout 76

    Why do you do this
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    Add nut button

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    Me like Orange

    Shut the fuck up
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    This. Is. The. Lord. Himself.

    This. Is. The. Lord. Himself.
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    Staff How are we going to advertise?

    Currently it's only a small group of people who use our website so we need to advertise. How we are going to do it i don't know. So please either message me some ideas or post them in suggestions. Here is the link to the Forum Post